A new report suggests changed are needed in how the UW System is managed.

The study conducted by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank, examined the UW System over the past 35 years. Coordinator Tom Fletemeyer says an outdated administration is preventing the System from reaching its full potential, largely because the UW has become too decentralized in its management. As a result, issues are difficult to address because too many people are involved.

Fletemeyer says officials should consider running UW-Madison outside of the system, to help stabilize the problems. He says the flagship institution needs to be run in a different way than Wisconsin's other campuses.

The report also found that the UW System is lacking an overall long-range plan. Fletemeyer says most schools have a plan for their campus, but officials are failing to direct everyone towards a common system wide goal.

Feletmeyer says UW and state officials also need to be more open to changing the current system.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:07)

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