Lake Delton is ready for business, and Wisconsin Dells area jobs are filling up fast!

They've got the same number of jobs this summer as in previous years, but more people are looking for work. Tom Diehl, owner of the “Tommy Bartlett Show,” says many businesses in the Dells have a lot more applicants to choose from this year, something Diehl attributes to the bad economy.

“Maybe not necessarily those people who have lost their jobs but maybe some people who have seen their 401Ks or their pension programs get cut by 40 or 50% and just feel they have to augment their normal retirement income with some extra hours.”

Diehl says the greater pool of job seekers this year made it easier to put together a summer staff. He just finished hiring on Tuesday; the folks at Noah's Ark are done hiring 500 employees.

“We're seeing more senior citizens coming to apply which is wonderful because they're season workers and they understand the importance of hospitality and service.”

Diehl says there's plenty of room to hire older folks seeking work without taking the jobs away from the regular younger workers, who can fill different jobs, like lifeguards. That's because, Diehl says, in the past employers at the Dells were more dependent on foreign college students to fill the jobs through the J1-Visa program.

Jobs at Tommy Bartlett have traditionally been filled by May 1st, but they finished filling those positions a little early this season. Diehl starts his employees at $7.50 with a guaranteed 10-percent bonus if you last through the summer. He says work is still available at other businesses in the area.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:41 MP3)

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