Candidates for state Supreme Court faced off in a Madison debate Friday night. Washington County Judge Annette Ziegler and Madison attorney Linda Clifford debated for nearly an hour Friday at the State Bar of Wisconsin. Clifford was asked to cite an example of "judicial activism." Clifford asked Ziegler whether she was aware of a requirement that she recuse herself, from cases involving the bank for which her husband serves on the board of directors. Ziegler has presided over cases involving the West Bend Savings Bank, where her husband serves on the board of directors. Ziegler replied that she has been fair, and has had no possibility of financial gain from the cases. Ziegler said Clifford hired a private investigator, who found the cases involving the bank.

The April 2 election is expected to generate record amounts of spending by groups supporting Ziegler, the more conservative candidate, and Clifford, seen as more liberal.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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