Is Iraq turning the corner? A member of Wisconsin's congressional delegation who's been a persistent critic of the Bush administration's war there doesn't think so.

The White House is attempting to peddle a picture of success in Iraq, thanks to its troop surge strategy. Some of the Sunnis in the Anabar province have broken from al-Qaeda, and fewer American soldiers have been killed there this month. Still, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold isn't buying the view. “I'm happy to acknowledge any signs of success,” the Democrat said on Fox News Sunday . “The truth is, since this surge began, we've had some of the highest numbers of American deaths and some of the greatest tragedies in Iraq. I do not but that this surge is working, I do not buy that Petraeus is going to be able to tell us that things are moving in the right direction.” General David Petraeus delivers a status report on the troop surge in Iraq in a little over a month.

AUDIO: Sen. Russ Feingold (:45 MP3)

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