A labor official representing roads, parks and airport workers says morale for Milwaukee County workers is the lowest he’s ever seen in his 30 year career. Kurt Zunker, President of AFSCME Local 882, says workers are nervous about being laid off in light of a tight county budget.

“It (county budget) is like a house of cards, it’s going to blow up within a short time and there could 500, 600 more layoffs early next year,” says Zunker.

In what could be considered good news, Milwaukee County workers were told last week, they would be allowed to work two of the previously scheduled unpaid furlough days including Christmas Eve. This after eight million dollars were freed up from less than anticipated county health care costs. The news has Zunker skeptical.

Kurt Zunker (:16)


The furloughs were ordered by the Milwaukee County Board and County Executive in October as a means of avoiding a budget shortfall.

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