A strange twist to a survivor's story. Crystal Manning and her fiancee, Michael Stoner, survived last week's collapse of a freeway bridge in the Twin Cities. The rural Spooner couple were on the way to visit Manning's 2 year old daughter Emmalene, who'd suffered a concussion after allegedly falling done some stairs. Their vehicle was one of dozens on the 35-W bridge at the time of the collapse during evening rush hour last Wednesday, and they ended up in the Mississippi River after escaping through the driver's side window. Now the Washburn County Sheriff's Department has arrested the 26 year old Stoner, alleging that he's responsible for the little girl's injuries. Sheriff Terry Dryden says Manning faces a charge of Felony Child Abuse. Emmaline Manning remains hospitalized. Stoner and Crystal Manning suffered only minor injuries in the bridge collapse and were released from the hospital last week.


AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:40 MP3)

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