The victim of a violent home invasion and sexual assault in Fond du Lac was unfortunate enough to live in the residence once occupied by an acquaintance of her attacker. A 37 year-old Fond du Lac man was taken into custody for the July 23rd attack. Police Captain Mike Frank said the 53 year-old woman who was attacked did not know her attacker, but apparently the suspect was looking for a man who once lived in the apartment. “What we have found, at least tentatively, is that the person went to the apartment looking for someone who used to live there, who had moved out some time ago. When the woman cracked the door, he asked for this person. She said that person didn’t live there anymore, and he forced his way in at that point.”

Frank said in most sexual assaults the victim and the suspect are acquainted with each other at some level, but not in this particular case. “The victim didn’t know the suspect, had never met him, and the suspect by all accounts didn’t know the victim,” he said. Frank said the lead detective on the case worked with a street officer to locate the suspect about sixteen hours after the assault took place. The man is being held on a probation hold and may also be responsible for several burglaries that occurred that same weekend.

Bob Nelson, KFIZ

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