A 911 call from a residential burglary in the Town of Ripon paints a picture of a angry homeowner – and a burglar sorry to have picked the same home twice. In the 911 audio from the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Dispatch Center, the homeowner confronts the intruder at gunpoint. He forces the burglar to the floor while he talking to a dispatcher. Holding a gun in one hand and a phone in the other, the homeowner talks to a dispatcher as the burglar pleads for mercy.

The same home had been hit twice in a little over a week. The homeowner urges deputies get to the scene fast. "Get 'em out here fast," he tells the dispatcher. "You don't get somebody out here quick, this guy's gonna die." Neither the homeowner nor the burglar was injured in the incident last Friday. A Berlin man, 23-year-old Michael Roehling , was charged for the crime. 

AUDIO: 911 call (:41 MP3)

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