There’s still a few month until your taxes are due, but federal officials say they’re already set up to begin accepting returns.

The electronic system for filing federal tax returns is now up and running for the year. Angela Kraus with the IRS says e-file and free-file continue to grow in popularity, although some Wisconsin taxpayers still shy away from the technology.

Nearly 2.6 million Wisconsinites filed online with the federal government last year. However, Kraus says another 600,000 who qualified to use the online system chose to file a paper return instead. She says those who file online typically see their refund come much quicker and have the added security of not having to mail a paper return.

Kraus says e-file is available for just about everyone in Wisconsin, while free-file can been used by those who make under $57,000 a year. Taxpayers who want to file electronically this year should look on the IRS website for companies that offer approved software.

Even if someone else prepares your taxes, Kraus says you can still ask them to use e-file.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:11)


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