From fraudulent returns to the abuse of deductions, the IRS says there are several traps facing taxpayers this season. For example, spokesman Christopher Miller with the IRS in Milwaukee says there's been a great deal of confusion about the telephone excise tax refund you can claim this year. He says several individuals have tried to claim their entire phone bill for the credit and there have been some cases of tax preparers trying to claim up to $30,000. The standard deduction for the credit is only for between 30 and 60 dollars.

Identity theft and phishing also remain a threat. Taxpayers are being warned to watch out for anybody asking for sensitive tax information online, especially if the tax help is unsolicited.

Miller says the bottom line is to do your research before hand and remember you're responsible for the return you file. He says if you have any concerns, you should contact the IRS .

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:01)

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