Kelly Nolan Twenty-two year old Kelly Nolan disappeared from downtown Madison nearly two weeks ago after a night out with friends.

Her mother, Mary Jane Nolan has been searching. She's also been recruiting. Trying to get anyone who will listen  to be on the look out for her daughter. She says it could be their daughter and hopefully will think what they would do.

Police say they have no evidence of foul play but still no one has seen or heard from Kelly Nolan.

Mary Jane Nolan says she's read the newspaper headlines that quote friends as saying It doesn't look good but she doesn't want to hear that. She has to keep believing Kelly will return safely.

A young college co-ed disappears from downtown Madison, near campus. The case gets national  attention.  Sound familiar? Remember Audrey Seiler, the UW co-ed who faked her own abduction in 2004?

One of Kelly Nolan's friends says this is different. She says Kelly is not like that adding that Kelly has a great future in front of her and is a strong individual.

Anyone with any information on Kelly Nolan is urged to call Crimestoppers. 608-266-6014. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:35 MP 3)

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