A 15-year-old girl charged in a fatal high-speed traffic crash in Green Bay has been ordered to stand trial in Brown County Court. Defense attorneys for Sienna Pecore are now asking that her case be moved to juvenile court before an arraignment is held.

Pecore is charged with first-degree reckless homicide, hit-and-run involving death and driving a vehicle without owner’s consent for the October 30 which killed a passenger, 17-year-old Cruz Beltron, Pecore was allegedly driving more than 100 mph at the time. According to the criminal complaint, she told police she had her mother’s car without permission.

In Wisconsin, defendants age 10 and older charged with certain homicide counts are prosecuted in adult court, such as in this case. Such requests are not automatically granted, and Pecore’s attorneys have the burden of proof for that motion.

Pecore’s attorneys were not ready to set a date for that hearing. A status conference will be held March 13.

Pecore’s attorneys had previously submitted a motion asking to have the charges dismissed, but Judge Zakowski dismissed that prior to Thursday’s  preliminary hearing.


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