In Sauk County, a young teen admits to killing his father. The 13-year-old boy was found wandering around a Wal-Mart store, just after 9:00 Tuesday night. Lake Delton police were called to the store. A sheriff’s deputy then went to the home of the boy’s father, and found 55-year-old man Angelo Crisafulli dead, from an apparent gunshot wound to the back of the head. Police say the boy gave a confession.

The teen’s grandmother, Alice, lives in Reedsburg and isn’t surprised her grandson shot his dad, who is her son-in-law, “No, because the child was autistic and he really couldn’t handle these things. And I don’t think the father understood it and he never should have been awarded custody of him.” A check of court records for Angelo Crisafulli finds an ex-wife filed a harassment restraining order against him a few years ago. The case was closed without any action, as was a child abuse restraining order that Crisafulli filed against his in-laws. Alice says he was angry with them for taking the boy to the doctor.


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