After over six hours of deliberations on Thursday, a Sauk County jury returned a guilty verdict for 16-year-old Eric Hainstock on a charge of first degree intentional homicide. He'll be sentenced Friday morning and faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Hainstock was accused of fatally shooting Principal John Klang last fall, while Klang tried to disarm him inside the school.

The defense had argued that Hainstock's actions were reckless, but he did not intend to kill Klang. They claim Hainstock brought guns to school because he was trying to get people to pay attention to the fact that other students picked on him.

But prosecutors built a case showing Hainstock often picked on other students himself, and that tensions with Klang had been building for weeks before the shooting took place.

Judge Patrick Taggart reads the verdict (MP3 :13)

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