The state Senate has passed a ban on texting while driving – again. Debate seemed familiar, since the Senate passed a texting ban back in October. State Senator Jeff Plale of South Milwaukee still opposes it. “It’s feel good nonsense,” the Democrat said, adding that the measure will “no practical implication in the real world of drivers.”

“My kids got the message when they saw the headlines,” countered Wauwatosa Democrat Jon Erpenbach. “Yes it’s inattentive driving, yes it’s already illegal. But it’s really aimed at . . . our kids. The Senate took up the Assembly bill which passed in January, but amended it to decrease the fine to twenty dollars.

“So we’re so concerned with this activity and the potential damage and danger that it can have, and now we’re going to reduce the fine down to twenty dollars. I guess that sends a serious message,” said Sheboygan Republican Joe Leibham. That change to the fine means the Assembly will also have to vote on the bill (AB 496) again before it can go to Governor Jim Doyle. The Senate vote was 30-3.

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