If you still haven't received a flu shot this year, state health officials say now is the time to consider getting one. Wisconsin Immunization Program director Dan Hopfensperger says the flu season typically starts in November, but doesn't peak until February. He says the flu vaccine is still widely available across the state and a simple phone call can usually help people obtain a shot.

Hopfensperger says those interested in getting a shot should contact their doctor or local health department. Many areas may also be running clinics to help people easily obtain a shot.

Previous years have seen widespread shortages of the vaccine. Hopfensperger says that doesn't appear to be the case this season, with an estimated 100 million extra doses available nationwide.

In addition to flu shots, health officials say just practicing good hygiene can also reduce your risk of getting sick.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 :53)

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