Grave site desecration is what some Brown County employees are calling the work of apparent scrap metal thieves.

"I can't understand how low a person would be to do something like that."

"That" would be prying the twelve by twenty-four inch bronze plaques off the graves of Brown County veterans.

Mary Lou Coleman with the Brown County Veterans Office, says nearly a dozen plaques provided to veterans families, have been stolen from cemeteries outside Green Bay in recent weeks.

There could be more but most cemeteries don't patrol their area so they're being asked to alert families to look for missing or damaged plaques.

Authorities believe it's the work of scrap metal thieves who melt the plaques down and take them to salvage yards for money.

Families would pay roughly five-hundred dollars if they had to purchase the plaques. Scrap metal thieves can get three times that. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:13 MP3 )

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