Adams County officials are looking for a radioactive canister and for the person who stole it from a construction site.

Someone broke into a construction trailer in the Adams County town of Rome. They stole briefcases, construction tools and a canister that can be very dangerous. It contains radioactive material.

Jane Grabarski, Adams County Emergency Management Director, says the canister is marked with the hazardous material sign and the words Master Minder. If anyone comes across this container call police, don't pick it up.

The device is used in construction to check the integrity of welded joints. It belongs to the Weldsonix Company doing work on an oil pipeline in Adams County.

Grabarski says they're not sure if the thief knew what they were getting when they stole the radioactive device.

The contents are safe as long as the container remains in tact but Grabarski says they wouldn't know until tested if the thief or thieves somehow damaged the aluminum canister.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :56 MP3 )

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