Bruce Pearl In the NCAA college basketball world, we've all become accustomed to the domino effect of head coaches getting bigger and bigger deals.  It's actually quite amusing one coaching move sometimes benefits several others.

Take Tennessee's Bruce Pearl (pictured) for example.  When Kentucky's men's basketball job came open, the school wanted John Calipari.  The Wildcats got their man and that left the Memphis position open.  That means Memphis is now looking.  So Memphis decides they want to go after Bruce Pearl, who has done a decent job at Tennessee, but certainly hasn't set the world on fire.

Once Tennessee got wind that Memphis was interested in their man, they quickly renegotiated Bruce Pearl's 6-year deal. 

Schools have made big investments in their coaches and don't want to start over, so they end up extending deals and making the current deals even sweeter.  Pearl's deal isn't even the best out there either.  We've seen schools give their coaches even larger and longer deals.

Tom Crean, when he was at Marquette, loved every time there was some coaching movement in college basketball.  Crean had his deal reworked a few times, then eventually bolted for Indiana anyway. 

For every action, there's a reaction and that theory certainly describes the scene in the college basketball coaching circles these days and there doesn't appear to be any end in sight.


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