Former Governor Tommy Thompson says he has to completely re-think his presidential campaign strategy now that the Iowa political landscape has changed.

The key to Tommy Thompson's campaign has always been to beat John McCain and Rudy Giuliani in the Iowa straw poll next August and that would catapult him onto the national stage.

But now that Giuliani and McCain are bypassing the straw poll, UW Political Scientist Charles Franklin says Thompson has to find another way to gain national attention. He has to find another way to show people will vote for him.

As a so-called second tier candidate, Thompson hasn't been able to draw much national attention in the polls or debates. So far, poll respondents don't seem to be confused between Tommy and unannounced candidate Fred Thompson even though Tommy is trying to sell himself as the genuine conservative.

So, is the end of the Tommy Thompson campaign near? Franklin says we may know soon. Financial reports are due from the campaigns at the end of the month. And to date the Thompson campaign hasn't done well in the fund raising area either.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:15 MP3 )

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