Legislation designed to contain aggressive ticket sales at sporting events has advanced at the Capitol. Originally written to address the concerns of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club, regarding ticket resales outside Miller Park, the bill (SB 458) has now been amended to include the Bradley Center, home of the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as the Kohl Center and Camp Randall Stadium on the UW Madison campus. All of those venues could create ticket resale zones under the terms of the bill from state Senator Jim Sullivan.

Sullivan (D-Wauwatosa), says the intent is not to tell people that they can’t resell tickets, but that such resales need to take place within a “reasonable area” designated by the sports facility operator or municipality.

There currently is a designated area outside Miller Park for fans to unload extra tickets. But the club says that hasn’t prevented some ticket resellers from aggressively going after fans all around the park, an activity the Brewers claim has resulted in complaints from fans, who say they are stalked by professional ticket sellers.

The bill was approved Thursday by a Senate committee and is now available for a vote by the full Senate.

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