Tiger Woods told a national audience today that he was sorry for all the wrong he did.  His message today, could have delivered a month or more ago.  He apologized to his wife and children, although none of them were on hand to see or hear it.  He apologized to his sponsors and the rest of the carefully selected guests that were on hand to show their support. 

Woods showed anger towards those that fabricated stories about his wife abusing him after finding out about the extra-marital affairs that Tiger had taken part in.  He admitted his indiscretions over and over and then repeatedly asked for forgiveness.

The national writers and reporters were mostly impressed with Woods performance.  Of course it’s those outlets that hope to land future Tiger Woods interviews when he eventually is ready to talk and return to the game of golf.

Did you feel he owed you an apology for his actions?  Did Tiger need to tell you or me that he is sorry?  I didn’t need to hear it personally.  Woods only needs to make amends to his family and those that write the checks, and that shouldn’t happen in front of a camera or microphone.  

Is my reaction one of negativity?  Maybe!  But I don’t care if Tiger Woods returns to golf or not.  I watch golf on television because I’m a fan of the game.  I don’t need Tiger Woods to show up to convince me to watch or be a fan of professional golf.  Unfortunately, a large majority of the sporting world does need him, and once again, the ratings back that up.

In my world, Tiger messed up.  He can go play golf and earn millions and  have  golf fans fall all over him.  In my book, that’s enough.  If I’m the sponsor, Tiger Woods doesn’t see dime one of my endorsement budget from here on out. 

Tiger didn’t just cheat on his wife and embarrass everybody associated with him, but he’s also been out of control with his golf game.  Throwing clubs when things don’t go his way, cursing like a sailor with every bad break. 

In my book, it’s unfortunate that the golf society is set up in such a way that it needs Tiger Woods to succeed. 

Am I judging Tiger Woods to harshly?  I’m trying not to judge Tiger at all.  I don’t  worship the ground that these athletes walk on.  Why?  To avoid  disappointment.

In the end, the only thing I’m really interested in is seeing Tiger’s family come out of this in the best way possible.  It’s Elin and the children that deserve our thoughts and prayers.  They’re the real victims in this entire ordeal.

I guess there goes my chance at a one on one with Tiger.  Oh well!

[AUDIO: Tiger Woods public statement 13:25]

AUDIO: Tiger Woods public statement 13:25

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