Tommy Thompson Tommy Thompson says Wisconsin Republicans should help him become the next US President.  The former Wisconsin Governor was met with a standing ovation Saturday during the state GOP convention in Lake Geneva.  Thompson says Republicans should be proud of who they are.

Thompson says he stands out from other Republicans presidential candidates because he has ideas no one else is talking about.  Those include his strategy for dealing with Iraq.  Thompson says we should hold a vote among the Iraqi people on whether the US should maintain a presence there.  If they approve continued involvement, we should help them rebuild a government.  If they reject it, Thompson says the US should get out.

Thompson also addressed those who doubt his candidacy.  He says there were many who doubted his first run for the Wisconsin State Assembly and even his first campaign for Governor, both of which he won.

Thompson rallied the crowd around his cause, saying Republicans are the party of July 4 th , not April 15 th

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:06)

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