Former Governor Tommy Thompson had a chance to promote his Presidential bid in a nationally televised GOP debate on MSNBC. How did he do?

Wisconsin Republican strategist Brian Schimming says a candidate like Thompson does well just by being on the same stage with the so-called front runners. And, he says, Thompson didn't say anything to really hurt himself.

Schimming says Thompson is the only republican candidate that seems to have a detailed plan for Iraq. Thompson wants the Iraqi government to take a vote on whether the US should stay or go and the US should abide by that vote.

Thompson also believes the eighteen regions should set up separate governments much like states. And he would split oil profits three ways. The central government, the "state" governments and a third to the people.

Schimming says while the debate gives the former governor and Bush cabinet member national exposure, the real test will be the Iowa Caucuses in August. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:30 MP3 )

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