According to a new statewide study, voters are not hearing much from candidates on the important issues.

The study says health care is one of two top issues concerning Wisconsin voters. But voters also say not enough attention is being paid to it. UW political scientist Charles Franklin says one reason for that is the candidates don't really have a good answer. They all think it needs to improve but how to do it with out breaking budgets is another matter.

 Franklin says candidates are talking about the issues THEY believe will sway the election or the ones that will steer voters away from issues that would hurt their campaigns.

Immigration has surfaced as a hot topic in republican campaigns around the state. Franklin says it makes some sense in the congressional races since congress is dealing with this issue. But he doesn't see it meaning much for the gubernatorial campaign.

As for voter interest and turnout this November. Franklin says the governor's race will be the big draw. Even the hot button issues, the death penalty question and the same sex marriage ban amendment, he says, won't be the issues that draw large numbers to the polls.


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