State Representative Frank Lasee (R-Green Bay) stands behind his proposed budget cuts to the UW Law School.

Lasee says it's simple. There are just too many lawyers. He believes taxpayers should not be subsidizing the law school to produce more lawyers to just do busy work. In fact, he says, many who graduate end up doing something else any way.

Lasee says some lawyers do valuable work but we don't need anymore right now. So, he convinced republican assembly colleagues to include a budget provision that would phase out all state funding of the UW Law School. A school that graduated a former governor,  six state supreme court justices and a current gop lawmaker who voted for it. Mark Gundrum.

But Gundrum (R-New Berlin) says he didn't vote specifically to defund the Law School but he voted on an entire package, including law school funds, in order to cut taxes and government spending overall.

Not many capital observers expect the law school cuts to get passed the conference committee and certainly not the governor's veto pen. His mother was an administrator at the UW Law School.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :59 MP3 )

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