A triple homicide trial is underway in Rock County today as 50-year-old James Koepp is on trial for the murders of a woman and her two teenaged children. Danyetta, Nicole and Scott Lentz were found dead in the mobile home south of Janesville in January of 2007.
Janesville Gazette reporter Frank Schultz was at the jury selection in Kenosha County Monday.

Schultz (:19)


The defense attorney asked the jurors if anyone disagreed with the statement about defense experts and no one did. Meanwhile the prosecution warned potential jurors some of the details about the murders will be grisly.

Police named Koepp the prime suspect shortly after the incident. He is also serving time on traffic charges related to a police chase that occured just after the murders.

The jurors were selected from outside Rock County when defense lawyers successfully argued local publicity tainted the potential pool of candidates.

Contributed by Frank Schultz-Janesville Gazette

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