President Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands at Central Wisconsin Airport in Mosinee on Thursday night, and railed against Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and other democrats.

Trump took credit for pushing for a reopening of Big Ten football. 

“But I want to congratulate the Big Ten Conference on yesterday’s announcement that the fall season will start very soon! Oh, I hope your team does well after all that, I hope that team does well.”

Trump complimented UW Athletics director Barry Alvarez, and said that students should have a chance to play well and get a job in the NFL. “But these are players that have a shot at the NFL, they have a shot at pro football. We want the NFL to proudly stand when they sing our national anthem, huh?”

He then criticized the NFL for allowing teams to make political statements.

Also among Thursday night’s topics was the new USMCA, which he tried to connect to farm relief for Wisconsin dairy farmers. 

“They had something called specialty milk! Does anybody know what that is? Right you know… a lot of people…  it’s a small little grouping of milks! Specialty milk! But this was the final straw, and I met some people. But Canada finally did it to them like they did it to everybody else, and they raised the tariffs massively, they made it impossible.”

The President announced a new aid package that he said would help the state’s dairy and cranberry farmers.

Trump promoted former Congressman Sean Duffy as a possible candidate for Wisconsin governor in 2022. 

“He’s fantastic because I know he’s coming back into government in some form! He can come with us, he can stay here… he can maybe run for governor or maybe do something?  Sean Duffy!”

Duffy vacated the 7th Congressional district seat last year and was replaced by Northwoods legislator Tom Tiffany in a special election.

One notable Republican who did not make it out to last night’s presidential rally in Mosinee was Senator Ron Johnson, and that’s because he’s been quarantined. 

Johnson’s office reported on Thursday that the Senator was exposed to someone who has now tested positive for COVID-19. Johnson had been planning to make the trip to Mosinee with President Trump. He will instead be quarantined until at least September 29th. His office says that Johnson has not been showing symptoms of the coronavirus. 

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