After almost forty years of agreement, Minnesota just might end its tuition reciprocity agreement with Wisconsin .

The program helps to expand education opportunities and affordability for about 28-thousand students per year. Wisconsinites can go to college in Minnesota , and vice versa, for an in-state rate. But Wisconsin state senator Sheila Harsdorf ( R-River Falls ) is worried, now that Minnesota officials say it's no longer fair and they could ax the program.

Harsdorf says Minnesota's tuition has increased, so Wisconsinites attending Minnesota colleges pay less for their education than Minnesotans do in their own state, and neighboring officials don't like that. She says, however, experts continue to negotiate.

Harsdorf emphasizes, students in both states benefit from having more education options. She says it's important to note Minnesota is compensated by the state of Wisconsin for lost tuition revenue.

Minnesota can pull out of this agreement, but must give notice to the state of Wisconsin by July 1st of this year.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:25 MP3)

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