A forty year tradition between Wisconsin and Minnesota will remain intact.

A joint announcement from St. Paul and Madison today that will impact college students from both states. Wisconsin and Minnesota reach an agreement on tuition reciprocity.

Carla Vigue, spokesperson for Governor Doyle, says the agreement means Wisconsin residents wishing to attend a public college in Minnesota can do so and still pay the lower Wisconsin in-state tuition fee.

Nothing will change for students. The only difference, Vigue says, is an accounting arrangement between the states. Wisconsin reimburses Minnesota for the difference in tuition rates. Right now that money goes into Minnesota's general budget fund. Now, it will go into Minnesota's University fund.

Minnesota threatened to pull out of the agreement because its in-state tuition is higher than Wisconsin's and Minnesota felt its students were not getting a good deal when they studied in the Badger state.

But the bottom line with Friday's announcement; no change for students from either state wishing to cross the state line for an education.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:09 )

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