A UW expert says a number of factors led to Tuesday’s stunning election results in Massachusetts. How did Republican Scott Brown pull off his big upset in the Massachusetts Senate race? “It is a very blue state, especially for presidential voting, but while Democrats outnumber Republicans by three to one, Independents outnumber both of them, and so there was a big group of unaffiliated voters.” said UW political scientist Charles Franklin. “The other thing that happened is turnout.”

Turnout was a key factor in Tuesday’s “amazing” win in the Massachusetts Senate race by state legislator Brown over anointed the Democratic candidate Attorney General Martha Coakley. “Brown got more votes than John McCain got in 2008, and Coakley got barely 56 percent of as many votes as Obama got,” said Franklin.

John Colbert, WIBA

AUDIO: John Colbert reports (:35 MP3) AUDIO: John Colbert reports (:35 MP3)

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