Two men are dead after a boating accident early Thursday morning in Polk County. The men, ages 28 and 27, were out on Lake Wapogasset shortly after midnight when the boat suddenly sank. A woman on board the boat swam to shore. She told Polk County Sheriff Tim Moore that she had fallen asleep on the boat, and awoke to find herself in the water.

"No one had life preservers on at the time" says Moore. "We're told that at least one of the males in the boat could not swim at all." The sheriff says the 19 year-old woman who survived said she had a life preserver around her arm while she was in the water, but "she doesn't know how it got there."

Moore says the woman said the group had been drinking alcohol prior to going on the lake. He adds that the water temperature this morning was 56 degrees. The bodies were found shortly before 11:00 AM.

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