A group of about 100 to 400 mayors from around the country meet on an annual basis to discuss the major issues of the day, according to Racine Mayor John Dickert. “Everything from metro economies to infrastructure to environment … we talk about all of it and then try to come up with some good solutions for these while we’re out here.”

This biggest issue has a familiar ring to it… “Primarily we’re talking about jobs,” says Dickert, “It’s the number one issue anywhere no matter who you talk to. How we’re going to grow jobs … how we’re going to look to export and get our products overseas.”

Specifically, Dickert says, the most important jobs for the future, as well as how to export local products. In Racine, for example, he says some businesses are a little hesitant in getting into the export marketplace due to lack of experience. He met with representatives from other countries to discuss export potential.

Dickert says the mayors have been discussing the need to rebuild the infrastructure, which he says would also create long term, sustainable, family-supporting jobs. Dickert met about 200 people, he says, with hopes of forming partnerships, and learning about opportunities and efficiencies.

Dickert returns home today (Tuesday). Prior to the Mayors Conference, he was at an International Great Lakes Conference for a couple of days.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:25

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