The first harvest of summer veggies is starting to reach your local farmers’ market, and if you’re looking to keep those veggies fresh, the UW Extension has some tips. 

Food safety specialist Barbara Ingham says everyone seems to end up with zucchinis. “Zucchini freezes really really well. So great it and freeze it to use later for zucchini bread or bury it in a chocolate cake as I’ve been known to do.” Before freezing, you should give those zucchinis a quick blanch in steam or boiling water.

Ingham says you have to consider how you’re going to preserve if you buy in bulk and if you’ve got more vegetables than you were expecting, you could donate them.

“They really crave fresh produce. And so if you have someone who you know, or you want to know who will really enjoy the fruits of your gardening labor, it likely will be individuals who are most in need. And those are people visiting food pantries.”

If you’re looking for good ways to preserve those veggies outside of donations, the Extension has a number of safe canning recipes online at 

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