The head of the state Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee says officials at UW-Green Bay could be breaking the law. Representative Steve Nass has canceled an Assembly committee public hearing after hearing of a UW-Green Bay vice-chancellor receiving both a pension and a regular paycheck. “I want to see how widespread the problem is, as far as people being hired back in the university system,” said Nass. “The Department of Administration has also begun looking at the entire state, to see how many hires have been made.”

Nass is a Whitewater Republican who is chairman of the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee. “It is in fact against the law to be rehired, knowing that you’re going to quit and then be rehired,” said Nass. “It does look like it was a ‘wink-wink’ situation, and how widespread that is we don’t know at this point. But we’re certainly going to attempt to find out.” The public hearing was on a bill that would allow UW-Green Bay and two other campuses to raise tuition above the tuition cap.




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