University Hospital in Madison will be taking part in Phase 3 testing of the new COVID-19 vaccination.

Dr. William Hartman with UW-Health says the vaccine is coming out of research at Oxford University. 

“The fact that it’s gone so fast has to do with the amount of people, the amount of resources that have really been devoted to this project.”

Sixteen hundred people will be tested here in Wisconsin, and they’ll be monitored over the next two years. “”Over the next months and the next couple of years we’re going to track them very closely so that we see who develops coronavirus and so that we’re also able to help them if they develop symptoms,” says Hartman.

Hartmann says he’s expecting the vaccine to test well, for the most part, and that Oxford has a long standing history of creating successful vaccines.

“We’re working on the shoulders of the giants that have come before and produced all of those. And so we’ve learned from what they’ve done, what works, and what doesn’t work.”

People interested in learning more about participating in the study can do so by emailing [email protected], calling the hotline at 608-262-8300 or 833-306-0681, or by visiting


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