UW-Madison researchers are working on a medication that will revolutionize the battle against osteoporosis.

The short name for it is 2MD. A compound discovered in a UW-Madison lab.

Dr. Neil Binkley with the UW Health Osteoporosis Study says the Vitamin D molecule has been modified or tweaked so it actually can help bones grow. At least it has in animals.

Dr. Binkley says if it tests out in humans, this will be a huge discovery. Probably the most promising medication, he says, in the osteoporosis research pipeline so far.

The one year clinical study on humans is just underway. If the results are positive a larger and longer study takes place. All in all it could be four to five years at least before 2MD is on the market.

But if it does make it that far, Dr. Binkley says it will be worth it. Not only will 2MD promote bone growth in osteoporosis patients but should also have the same positive affects Vitamin D has now on the body such as improving muscle strength in older people.

The UW Health Osteoporosis Clinical Research Center is still looking for women to participate in the clinical study. Women, past menopause, interested in participating and who are not currently on medication for osteoporosis treatment or prevention can call 608-263-2663 for more information.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:00 MP3 )

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