When students and staff return for the fall semester at UW-Madison, the campus is getting ready to provide free COVID-19 testing.

University health services director Jake Baggott says it just makes good sense. 

“There are folks who may not able to get a test for insurance purposes or otherwise or they may not have the ability to go off campus to another site readily and so we want to make that as convenient as possible.”

Baggott says that despite the fact that most classes will be remote, there will still be a presence of people on the campus every day. 

“It’s not just for students that would be physically here but those that would be also located near here who are taking classes online.”

That testing will complement other measures on campus to keep students safe, including increased cleaning protocols, social distancing in classrooms and lecture halls, and requiring face masks on campus. 

“So it will be part of a major communication campaign to make sure that people understand where they’re at, how to take advantage of that and encourage them to do so.”

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