The assistant police chief at UW Madison says communication is one way to avert campus tragedy. Assistant Chief Dale Burke says that, in the vast majority of cases, people don't just "snap," and the shootings at Virginia Tech appear to bear that out. "This young man (Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-hui ) had pictures on Facebook , showing him with guns and ammunition," notes Burke. "That kind of information needs to be brought to the attention of people who can do something about it." Burke says people who observe "suspicious or abnormal" behavior need to bring that to the attention of administrators or law enforcement. Burke says that on the Madison campus, that sort of information gets attention. "There's a group of folks that meet on a consistent basis, to talk about specific individuals whose behavior has come to the attention of somebody." Burke says UW officials continue to work to make as safe an environment as possible, but the campus has over three hundred buildings, and no system can be one hundred percent foolproof.

AUDIO: Dale Burke comments (11:30 MP3)

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