The UW Board of Regents is looking at ways to make sure state colleges and universities don't get caught up in the national student lender scandal.

Investigations by the New York State Attorney general and Congress are uncovering allegations that student loan lenders paid off colleges around the country in order to get preferred lender status.

UW System spokesman David Giroux says they've found some things in the Wisconsin situation that might be worth changing but nothing that reaches the level of what he calls scandalous behavior across the country.

Giroux says there was one report that a UW-Milwaukee financial aid officer was an unpaid advisory board member at one of the school's preferred lenders. Normally, he says that would probably benefit students. But they realize it does raise eyebrows.

Giroux says the Regents want a system-wide policy that will ensure students and their families who apply for financial that everything is above board in Wisconsin.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:07 MP3 )

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