Last week the NCAA released its list of return to play guidelines for the upcoming fall seasons.

That includes weekly testing for student-athletes. UW-Stevens Point athletic director Brad Duckworth says says following the weekly testing guidelines for sports like football, volleyball, and soccer would easily involve thousands of tests:

“So we’re working on what the plan could look like and we’re hopeful here within the next few days to have a solution if we can do this and how do we do it.”)

He says UW-Stevens Point shouldn’t have as much of an issue, being partnered directly with a hospital, but many other schools in the WIAC don’t have that ability. 

Many college conferences and leagues have already modified their schedules for the upcoming season or have put sports on hold completely until next year. Duckworth says those discussions are happening within the WIAC ranks as well but at this time no decision is foreseen.


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