UW students who will have to pay that five and a half per cent tuition hike are looking for a silver lining in the Board of Regents action.   

The United Council of University of Wisconsin Students says it's pleased a tuition freeze was put on the thirteen two-year campuses.

Gestina Sewell with the Associated Students of Madison says her group is encouraged the state still wants to invest in higher education but they always hope for a zero per cent hike to give students time to catch up financially. Because financial aid doesn't go up along with tuition.

Sewell says she was somewhat surprised at the five and a half per cent hike when they were told weeks ago it would be four percent tops. When asked why the change, Sewell says the board didn't have a direct answer other than that's the state of the state budget.

And that's why Sewell says ASM and others will keep pushing lawmakers to fully fund the University System.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:19 MP3 )

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