A new video could help urban residents in Wisconsin deal with coyotes. The video features UW Extension Wildlife Specialist David Drake explaining how to “haze” or scare away coyotes, so they do not feel comfortable being in urban neighborhoods.

The video, from Public Health Madison & Dane County, is a recognition that coyotes have become more prevelent in urban Wisconsin — and a concern for pet owners. The video, available on YouTube, advises that consistent and regular hazing is key for the tactic to be effective.

“Coyotes in urban areas are not a new problem, and this video gives some concrete solutions for how we can safely co-exist with them,” said John Hausbeck, PHMDC Animal Services Supervisor. While regular hazing is important, Hausbeck advises “this is the time of year that coyotes are locating their dens and becoming more territorial. Do not haze a sick or injured coyote, or one with pups or near a den.”

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