There’s been a lot of talk about what’s wrong with President Obama’s health care plan but Wednesday night supporters of that plan spoke out at a candle light vigil.

Judy Sachs’ son is musician who has no health care. Despite him working five nights a week playing in bands, he cannot afford coverage. Sachs says many young people are in the same position.

Harry Davis, who drove from Adams-Friendship, says he can’t tell how the health care debate is going, because we are only hearing from one side.

“The loudest people are the ones who are opposed to it,” says Davis.

Almost 200 people turned out for the vigil. Organizers held the event at a cemetery to remind everybody that some people are dying because there is no affordable health insurance. The gathering was organized by the liberal group “Move On.”

Contributed by Dave McCann-WIBA

AUDIO: Dave McCann reports (MP3 :42)

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