Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says Wisconsin needs a non-partisan approach to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. He also said Wisconsin needs to look at a regional approach to reopening.

“Let’s start to turn the dial, as opposed to keeping every part of the state like it was Milwaukee. Because if we wait for Milwaukee and Brown County to be the indicator, it’s going to be a long time potentially before Wisconsin can open up,” Vos said during an interview with Wisconsin Health News.

“We certainly want to minimize the number of people who die, but whenever we reopen the state, it is not going to be possible for us to prevent all deaths,”

“From my perspective, there should not be a Democrat plan and a Republican plan to fight the virus, there should be a Wisconsin plan” the Republican legislative leader said.

Vos added that he believes Democratic Governor Tony Evers is doing the best he possibly can, but that the the governor needs more input. “He is getting one set of input, priamarily from those on his staff, and those who he chooses to reach out to. Legislators are getting different input.”

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