The state Assembly’s new leader is willing to look at toll roads. Speaker-elect Robin Vos said Thursday that the state transportation fund faces a four to six billion dollar shortfall over the next decade, and borrowing and a gas tax hike are off the table. “We should at least ask the federal government if we could have the option to explore a tollway in parts of Wisconsin where we could generate money from out-of-state tourists, and do it in a way that would hopefully pay for our roads,” said Vos, who was a guest at the WisPolitics luncheon in Madison.

AUDIO: Rep. Robin Vos (1:10)

“I live in southeastern Wisconsin, where a lot of my constituents have an (Illinois Tollway) I-Pass,” said Voss. “It’s easy to use, it’s convenient. So I’d like to have it at least be a part of the conversation.” The federal government would have to grant Wisconsin a waiver to implement a toll system.

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