At the Capitol on Wednesday, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was heckled, as he emerged from a meeting with Republicans who want results of Wisconsin’s 2020 elections decertified, something Vos has repeatedly explained is not possible.

Attorney Jefferson Davis, who has claimed there was widespread fraud in 2020, told reporters that the meeting was “very productive.” As he spoke, Vos emerged from the room where the meeting took place, to calls of “toss Robin Vos.”

Vos reiterated what he’s been saying for months. “There are some people who think that we have the unilateral ability to overturn the election, we do not.”

Vos also claimed there was “widespread fraud,” in 2020, but that the solution is to elect a Republican governor and attorney general in November.

President Joe Biden won Wisconsin by some 20,000 votes in 2020, in an election that also saw many Republican lawmakers win. A review by the Legislative Audit Bureau found a need for the Wisconsin Elections Commission to improve some of its procedures, but no evidence of widespread fraud.

But Vos said a partisan probe led by former state Supreme Court justice Mike Gableman will yield results. It has so far failed to come up with anything substantive, which Vos blames on a lack of cooperation by elected officials and  elections officials in Democratic cities. Gableman has insisted that those officials testify in private.

Prior to the meeting at the Capitol, Vos reportedly asked that State Representative Tim Ramthun leave the room. Ramthun is a Republican candidate for governor who has embraced election conspiracy theories.

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