Scott WalkerMSTCGovernor Scott Walker’s book is out today, and in an interview he insists it’s not the opening gambit in a campaign for president. The Republican governor made that assertion in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal, although he doesn’t rule out that “someday in the future that may or may not happen.”

Walker’s book, which he wrote with the help of Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President Gearge W. Bush, hits the shelves today and the Republican governor has been promoting it heavily.

The State Journal notes that Walker has repeatedly refrained from promsing to serve another full four year term if reelected in 2014, but he said he has a “big, bold agenda” for his next term, including entitlement reform and tax code overhauls. Walker said the focus of the book – titled Unintimidated – is what happened in Wisconsin during the two-and-a-half years from his election in 2010, to implementation of ACT 10 and the effort to recall him from office.



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