When President Barack Obama pays a visit to Wisconsin today, Governor Scott Walker says he’s hoping to spend a few minutes talking about how to deal with the propane shortage that’s driving up prices across the country right now. Walker says he plans to greet the president in Milwaukee Thursday, although he will not be traveling with him to tour a General Electric plant in Waukesha.

Walker says he wants to discuss what the federal government can do to help address the propane shortage, which has left many customers struggling to afford the fuel they need to heat their homes during a period of bitter cold weather. While the governor says he is committed to asking the federal government about price gouging and export concerns, the focus right now is on dealing with the crisis and getting “all hands on deck on getting more propane, from wherever we can get it, into the hands of end users.”

Walker also sent a letter to the president on Wednesday about releasing federal money to help pay for low income heating assistance programs.

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