Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker nominated Vice President Mike Pence, as the Republican National Convention got underway in Charlotte, North Carolina Monday morning.

In making the nomination, Walker made a specific appeal to 2nd amendment rights and support for law enforcement, just hours after a Black man was shot by police in Kenosha.

“He will defend our constitutional right to protect ourselves, our families and our property. And he supports public safety when it comes to not what Joe Biden supporters often talk about defunding the police, but rather defending the police. Mike Pence will always stand with the good and decent men of law enforcement who protect us every single day.”

Walker told delegates that Pence and President Donald Trump, who was also nominated on Monday, work well together.

“Oftentimes the media doesn’t understand how Donald Trump and Mike Pence can be such a great team. But I gotta tell you they’re a lot alike. Both are successful chief executives. Both are doers not just talkers. And both have a deep and abiding love for America, and for the American people.”

Walker said that’s why both men were in Wisconsin last week during the Democratic convention while “Joe Biden was hanging out in his basement in Delaware.”

Trump was in Oshkosh one week ago, when he claimed that the only way he’ll lose in November would be “if the election is rigged.”

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